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Master & Ambitious is ready to assist you in designing, processing and control of your financial records. You can choose from outsourcing your entire financial administration, part of it or we can help you supervise the administration pursued by you. We can provide you with monthly or quarterly reports.

Some of this work can be found below.

  • Processing of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Processing of your banking, or cash receipts
  • Monthly or quarterly figures

Tax declaration

Tax declaration, such as Turnover tax, Profit tax, Wage tax and personal income tax, must be completed and submitted to the Inspectorate of taxes (BAB).
We can take care of these declarations in a professional manner.

You can expect the following from us:

  • Ensure the timely submission of declarations
  • Requests for postponement if necessary
  • Solving disputes with the Inspectorate of taxes
  • The supervision of tax audits

Financial Statements

We summarize, based on the information provided in your annual accounts. By collecting financial information, categorizing and summarizing, you will gain sight into the financial position and performance of your company. We discuss the financial statements in a personal conversation and we will give you our best advice.


If you have employees, you are responsible for the calculation of wages, manufacturing pay slips, submission of Wage tax and for contacts with the SVB. We can assume this responsibility for you.
At the end of the year, we can also provide you with the annual statements of your employees.

 Accounts Receivable

An important part of the financial administration is the accounts receivable. Your debtors are the customers to whom you sent an invoice but who have not yet paid. They therefore have a kind of short-term debt (loan) for this amount to you.
When required, we can take care of the process starting from your billing to the notice of your debtor.
We can also advise you on how to manage your accounts receivable.

Business plan

New entrepreneurs are advised to write a business plan to increase the viability of the company. A business plan is basically required when there is a need for credit. We can assist you in writing a solid business plan.

Establish budget

The budget is a numerical representation in which costs and revenues are estimated for the upcoming period. Based on your budget, you can set priorities. Your vulnerabilities and risks will also become visible.
By comparing the actual figures with your budget, you can make adjustments where necessary.
Master & Ambitious Administration advises and supports you in the preparation of a clear budget.